About Us
About Carolina Fish Hatchery, Inc.

Carolina Fish Hatchery was established in 1982 by Dr. William M. Lewis. His farm design and production methods have  
provided a basis for our continued success. In 2005 Carolina Fish Hatchery was purchased and incorporated by Phillip
Kaylor. Sales are generated from wholesale pond fish, Koi and custom pond stocking. In order to provide customers
with a complete and balanced pond stocking package, nine species of pond fish are produced annually. Our customers
include Government, Universities, Cities and private pond owners.    

Fish production
Our main office, hatchery facilities and grow out ponds, are located in Turkey, North Carolina. Operations consist of
thirty, one and two acre ponds, that provide a large amount of live fish for the pond stocking market. Pond fish are
moved from our ponds directly to our customers by delivery or pick up. We provide
live fish for both wholesale and retail
markets. Our focus is to produce healthy fish for pond stocking, our production and sales are solely based on fish
production and delivery.  

How it works
Give us a call at (910)5332152 or E-Mail us at info@carolinafishhatchery.com and let us know the type, size and
amount of fish you wish to buy. We can help your selection if we know a  little about your current fish population, pond
size and location. Our pond
stocking recommendations are based on N.C. Extension Service Guidelines and years of
experience stocking ponds. We Hope that our customers compare our
pond stocking prices before selecting or services.