Hybrid Striped Bass
Hybrid Bass are a strong  fast swimming fish that  move in  toward pellet feed in large numbers. They have a
relatively small mouth that reduces cannibalizing and leaves large brim for continued reproduction. They are
extremely sensitive to low PH and low Oxygen events. Most good fish haulers treat them very carefully.
Our fish originate from white bass {from Tennessee) that is strip-spawned with a Chesapeake Stripped Bass in
late April. Hybrid Bass reach 1.25 lbs. in 14 months in  intense farm production ponds.
The  value of food size Hybrid Stripped Bass has increased in the past few years to over $4.00 a pound
wholesale; which has driven our farm into increased production.
Like all game fish they tend to eat each other if they are not on grade. Careful attention toward pond PH (7.0 or
greater)must be made prior to stocking.
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