Largemouth Bass
Largemouth Bass are an intelligent fish, able to sense changes both in and out of the pond. Our Bass hatch in
mid-April when the water temperature reaches around 68 F.  Largemouth Bass must be held on a tight grade to
keep them from eating each other. We try to have them graded, pellet trained and back in the pond by July when
the Bass have reached about 4".
They can become quite domesticated with high protein pellet feed. We recommend occasional feeding, strong
populations of minnows Bluegill and Shellcracker produce big Bass.
Our strain consist of Largemouth Bass selected over our 25 year history. Our brood Bass are culled once a year
on the basis of growth, strength, and survivability.
Largemouth Bass sensitive to low oxygen and low PH. A stressed Bass takes on a pink our redness around the
gills and mouth.
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